Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello, Are you there?

Yes, I survived my hot and miserable summer.

Yes,I need to blog.


Where do I start?

I will give you the low down.....

Hot and icky summer.

Girl#1 turned 8.

Girl#2 lost 4 teeth, 2 of them in one day.

Acquired a kitten.

Had visitors.

Flooded basement.

School Started and back to clothing meltdowns EVERY MORNING.

Quiet Days :)

Adopted another kitten who was returned for pooping on my counters (gross I know)

Girl#3 figured out she can climb :(

Husband in labor with Kidney stone for 5 Days.....5DAYS!!!!

Drywall dust EVERYWHERE!!

Released from Primary.

Called to Relief Society Presidency.

So there it is, You know you can't wait for me to blog about them,huh?


Susi Daw

So glad you FINALLY blogged! Nice to know what is going on with your familia! Keep up the good work!


Wow, you're back!


It has been a busy summer/fall for you! Happy to spend more time with you in RS and hope to see more of you in the blogging world!

Thanks for posting and commenting!! :)


Yea you blogged! Congrats again!

Rachel Garcia

the cat pooped on your counter? why was it on your counter in the first place? And ewww gross!


I'm amazed you even have the time to turn on your computer, let along blog.


new post please mom

The Moulton Family

Hope you feel better!!!We miss you guys and the ward!



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