Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am at my parents House in Northern California which means 2 things, it's hot and no blogging because THEY HAVE DIAL UP!!!!!!!

My parents live 20 miles west of civilization, no high speed or Wi-fi availible. If I want to get on line I click sign on then take a shower, click a link go cook dinner, you get the point.

So until I return home this is all you get, I know riots will arise because of my blogging absence but know I will miss you more than you miss me :)

Thank heavens I have my iPhone so I won't go completly mad.



OK you're forgiven! At least I can find you on Facebook!! Hope you are having a great time, although, I know you are!

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As compared to you, I like being off the beaten track, at least for a while! It allows to recharge your batteries and take a new look at everything surrounding you!

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