Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pajama Day

My girls declared this day March 30th Pajama Day. So after our showers we are back in pajamas watching a movie.

Sometimes you have to leave all the stuff you need to do so that you can do the stuff you should do and spending a day cuddled with my girls it what I should do.

Happy pajama day to all!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Door question !!! ASAP

Here is the door painted Black it needs another coat but I love the black.....

But what do I paint the trim around the door? I don't like the white. Do I go black or paint it the wall color?

Just incase you need another look!!

I need HELP!!!

If you are, ever have been or in the future want to be my friend you will leave a comment and help me....a little dramatic I know :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

3 little steps

Only 3 at a time but they were the beginning steps to a walker. She is almost 15 months old I would say it is about time.

If I knew how to load video I would share but you will have to use your imagination.

She laughs the whole time then claps when she reaches me....I love her!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well sort of. For the third weekend in a row The Frog Prince has said "the kitchen will be done by Sunday" I think this might be the Sunday.

                      I just thought I would share some pictures I have taken over the past few days.

I think I have mentioned how much Girl#3 loves her Daddy. When he walks in the door she is with him till bed time. Usually she will sit in her high chair and watch but this day it was very hard for her to patiently sit by while he worked So Daddy improvised. This only worked for a few minutes she wanted to help to much but she did go back to the chair for a while.

This is why I am waiting till it is complete to dust and scrub the grime around my house.
(the color above the cabinets is the color of the kitchen and this is the stain color on the cabinets. The blue was a trial more on that later.)

Daddy was outside cutting tile and she wanted to help she kept yelling at him but he couldn't hear her.

So she was gonna go out there and talk to him and tell him to let her help. Darn board and short legs she was stuck.

She has enjoyed the tower of tile boxes they are fun to climb and tumble off of.
Lately she has been doing a cheese face when I take her picture.
She will blink her eyes. It is so cute!!!

As of last night the tower of tile is all gone so that means we are closer. I will post
pictures as soon as it is done and the house is clean.
Are you anxiously waiting for the reveal????

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Opinions Opinions Opinions !!!

This is the inside of my front door. It seperates my Dining room and Living room. It was stained a yellowish wood color but has been stripped and primed.  I want it to make a statement and has been suggested to paint it Black. I am leaning towords Black I have even bought the paint.  Ya or Nay?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She did it she really did it!!!

Remember this is my family blog where I document our life and the boring exciting things that happen.

If this grosses you out well...Sorry. Luckily my camera is in the car at The Frog Prince's work or I would have pictures. Just kidding

I would assume this has happened to every mother in the world if not them my children have no manners. With girl # 1 this would happen at least 2 times a month. Girl # 2 more often.

Well girl #3 did it today. Let me start at the beginning. I clean my bathroom on Mondays and Thursdays. Monday is my big clean things I would love to have a maid for. Tub, wipe walls and light fixtures. Vacuuming corners and ceiling corners. The fun stuff. Girl #3 loves this day because I put her in the bath and let her play while I sweat away. I was to lazy busy  yesterday so today I did it.
And today was the day. Today I heard it I knew it was coming but couldn't get to her fast enough.

She pooped. She POOPED in the tub. I told her to stop that, we didn't do it in there but she just smiled and continued playing.

So I pulled her out and scrubbed the tub again.

I hate cleaning the tub!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You don't taste as good as I remember

I have tried every diet under the sun. By the 3rd week I am devouring anything and everything that I deprived myself of. Then slowly I put on more weight I had lost while on the stupid diet.

I have a friend who has been doing something for a few months and has great sucess. She removed all added sugar and sugar substitutes from her diet. ( Her son informed me yesterday in Primary class that his Mom made eating no sugar her New Years revolation. I laughed in side)

As I have seen the pounds melt off her I have thought I would try it. I was a sugar addict. I loves me my chocolate. I would have stashes in my bedroom. I would always control how much sugar the girls ate but not me I would not eat tons but I would nible everyday.

I have been on this diet for 3 weeks and have lost 9 pounds. I have not excersized 1 minute I am not watching anything other than the sugar. I have never felt better. I have more energy and I am sleeping so good at night. It used to take me 2 hours to fall asleep and I would wake up in the middle of the night and go through the same thing. Now I am asleep within 10 minutes and I am sleeping till the alarm.

This week my girls have been wanting to make cookies and since the state of my kitchen is not cooking friendly I just bought some at the store. I figured since I have been doing so good I would treat myself to 1 cookie.

 IT DIDN"T EVEN TASTE GOOD.  I didn't even eat the whole thing. It wasn't worth it.

Normally by now I would have given up and moved on or eaten on but I don't even miss it. I am amazed and so happy.

This is no longer a diet but a eating plan. I don't hesitate to say no thank-you when offered some sugar and I don't secretly eat something this one time because no one can see me.

So sugar you don't taste as good as I remember. This is my new way of  life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Water slides and wave pools!!!

Our fabulous friends the Daw's invited us to go to Idaho to an indoor water park in Febuary. It was a great break from the cold winter weather.

We had a BLAST!!!! We plan on making this a yearly family event.

We forgot our camera but wonderful Susi didn't.

                                            (everything in my being tells me to remove this picture because I am hideous)

If you are a visitor of both our blogs you will notice she did a post about this today. It worked out because I was able to copy the pictures.

This little girl is a lover of all things water... She was in heaven.

Since the older kids were able to ride by them selves we only saw them when they were hungry.

The littler ones had to ride with the adult. So the adults took turns hiking up the million steps to the top
and rode the slides. It was a blast. I let my inner child come out at threw caution to the wind.
I am so glad I did. Sophie says I drowned her when we came off the tube but she has fun either way.

We had a lot of great fun.
Thank-you Daw family for being great friends and inviting us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A revelation

I like millions of Mormon Mommy have a Sunday bag filled with coloring books, reading books and little things to keep the kids quiet so I can maybe hear 5 minutes of Sacrament meeting. (I still have a 1 year old)

For the past few months I have been leaving the bag to the girls to get ready. I just don't have the time Sunday morning to do it. If I was Molly Mormon I would have it and all thier clothes laid out the night before. We have established I am not such molly.

This Sunday I told the girls to get thier stuff together. They prefered to play with toys and so when it was time to leave they didn't have it ready so we left and they would deal with nothing to do.

It was the best thing EVER.

My children have sat through many Fast and Testimony meetings. After the meeting began Girl #1 turned to me and said "mom why does everyone keep going up there" Can I go up there if I want? What do I say? I couldn't believe it. Hadn't they ever paid attention? I think they would glance up but just think that was the person giving the talk. Girls # 2 asked me a question about something someone said. These girls age 6 & 7 were paying attention and learning something.

Last night we talked about it, I told them I thought they were old enough to sit quietly and listen. They didn't need the things to keep them quiet. They agreed and they were so proud that they could do this and they are looking forward to hearing the talks and paying attention.

Both girls want to bear thier testimonys next month so this months family home evenings will be spent talking about what things we say and don't say.

I am so thank-ful that I learned this now. I knew there would come a time when they would stop having these things but honestly I hadn't set a firl age. I really feel I was being prompted that it is time.

Now at Sunday dinner when I ask what they learned at church today I will actually get an answer other than I don't remember because honestly they didn't.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My morning song

This morning I was awaken by Girl#2 singing me a beautiful song.

Good Morning to you Good Morning to you
You smell like a monkey
and I love you too.

I love that girl.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you give a girl a book......

She will love reading.

Due to a few months of bedrest with girl#1 I read a ton at the end of my pregnancy. In the beginning it was Court T.V. but then I turned to more enlightening things. At night after playing a few rounds of UNO The Frog Prince would read childrens books to my belly. He would start reading and we could see her move towards his voice. Coolest thing EVER.

When she was born we continued to read to her. When she could crawl she would pick a book then crawl to us to read it.

Nap time was a breeze she would pick a few books settle under the covers and I wouldn't hear a peep.

This love has continued to this day. She picked up reading so easily she has consistantly been 1 grade level ahead in school.

Her class had a goal of 2 Ar points a month that they set at the biginning of the year. The total to Feb would have been 12. At a recent award ceremony for her class her teacher handed out a few awards for a few that topped the class. I was in shock when she announced Girl# 1 had 72 Ar points to date. 72 holy mackeral that is way above 12. If I could do math I would give a percentage but will just leave it at that is a whole lot more then 12.

The other amazing part is she never brings home library books. In Kindergarten she lost a library book and she has never wanted to bring one home again. So she is reading these all at library time then taking her test.

I am so glad she has this love and ease for reading I think it opens so much learning.

Good job #1 we love you!!!
(She also has been able to whip our behinds at Uno since the age of 5)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LoVe HaTe

To say I loved or even liked my house when we bought it would be a lie. There was 2 reasons we bought o.k. 3 if you count budget. First it has 2800 sq feet and we needed 4 bedrooms. We made a rash decision because now we only use 1500sq ft and only 3 of the bedrooms. I could however invision making it better and giving it some lots of TLC. I needed to it was my house now.

My house has a daylight basement so from the outside it looks like one story. The top story has 3 bedrooms 1 bath and the living,kitchen and dining rooms. This is the level we use. Downstairs is a big master bedroom with bath, a laundry/ bath and a family room. After moving in I realized I was to far away from my then very small children (ages 1&2) a couple years later we moved our room upstairs.

Now for the tour of the bathroom. Brace yourself it is bad.

 I always remember to take before pictures after we have started so you will notice removal of wallpaper in the before.

If the flowers on the wallpaper weren't enough they thought they would be complimented by a flower curtain. All of the plumbing was in a fabulous shade of pink.

The toilet was immedietly removed due to the disgusting things growing under the lid. I will leave it at that.

We fully gutted the bathroom down to the studs. It was easier. Of course I can't find any pictures. I love demo part and the decorating it.

We had room for a double sink but I didn't want the bathroom to seem all counter so we went with 2 sinks.The frog prince (I have renamed Mr.T. every time I typed it I thought of gold and chains I went with this because he loves all his princesses and he is there prince. Also we just watched the Princess and the frog. Where was I?) oh ya the Frog Prince wasn't to keen on the 2 sink idea but I dug in my heels and won. I love it.

                                            And what every toilet color should be WHITE.

I really love my bathroom. I want to carry the blue to the rest of the house but again Frog Prince protests .He feels I would be copying a friend who also loves blue. I say it is receiving devine inspiration.

So I guess I have a love hate relationship with my house. As we fix it up I am starting to love parts of it but as a whole not so much.

Our goal is to continue to update our house then sale it in a few years with the hope of building a house with some land. We have learned so much these 5 years......

1. We want 1 level

2. We only want new construction NO FIXERUPPERS

3.I have a very handy husband who can do practically anything.