Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

                                             I see what Mr.T has lost I have gained.
                                                              Reality Sucks

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's 6

6 years ago today I had a Dr. appt for a stress test. After the test the Dr. informed me that she thought I was in labor. I had a schedule c-section in 2 weeks. She was 3 weeks early.

                                                                At the hospital

           I went to the Birthing Center and after enduring labor for 4 hours she was finally delivered by C-section.

                                                                 7 lbs 12 oz 20 1/2 inches

Your sister loved having you and she even shared her best friend Elmo.

First halloween you and your sister were little piggys

              You have made our life fun and crazy and we are thrilled to be apart of it.
                                                             We love you Kennedy.

***I am in search of missing pictures, we have "misplaced" a disk holding all pictures from age 2-5. So that is why I have no toddler pictures.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Challenge

I am not have never been and never will be a morning person .On my mission I "read" my scriptures lying in bed facing away from my companion to catch a little more sleep because 6:30 AM is way to early to function.

During the summer my children have healthy nutritious breakfasts. I take the time to cook because they get up at about 8-8:30 so they don't want to eat til 9.

During the school year is a totally different story. They need to be eating breakfast at 7:45 to be ready to leave for school. So they either eat frozen waffles (when girl #1 was little she would only eat them frozen) or cereal. I don't buy sugary cereal so that is how I justified them eating it all the time.

So here was my challenge to myself. No cold cereal for 1 week. I would make them hot breakfast every morning. Which meant I was up and at um by 7. UGH

It has been 3 weeks and they had cereal 2 times...that is right only 2 times and that was because my kitchen was a disaster and I couldn't find my utensels to cook anything.

I am so proud of my self and I think my kids are better for it. I am no longer buying cereal I only have cherrios for baby snacks when were out and at church. So now it isn't an option.

I am now on the road to being Molly Mormon...a girl can dream :~)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death of an Oreo

 Cleaning up the evidence

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Banana Banana Banana

We have to hide these.....

Because of this girl......

She has been throwing fits in the morning and I couldn't explain why. She will lay her head on the floor cry then point to the kitchen.

Then it clicked she wanted Banana's for breakfeast. Now in between her shoveling in the banana I sneak in a spoon of oatmeal and she is a happy camper.

I can not get her to sign a thing. But when she wants more Banana's she will sign and say more.

She definilty knows what she wants and boy will she let us know. We just wish she would talk or sign it so we knew what it was.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's the weather?

As we left for church on Sunday Girl#2 proclaimed "Mommy it's soggy out side"

If you dropped by my house

I would be MORTIFIED


I feel like I am living in an episode of Hoarders.
                              The cabinets will be beautiful when they are done but right now it is a disaster.

* I did just organized the inside of my cabinets but from this picture they look messy.