Thursday, January 28, 2010


Everybody has them. Some are of spiders or snakes, flying in airplane, dogs, cats even birds. Some are silly and some are reasonable.

I would say I have a silly one. I know this.

Generally this "thing" brings great things to people. It is used for many things. I know this but still I avoid it at all costs.

But today I decided to face my fear head on I would not let this beat me.

So you know what I did? I opened this........

Yes my fear is yeast. I don't fear it in a sense it will attack me or anything silly like that but I fear I will kill it. I would work hard and use ingredients and then I would kill it and it wouldn't turn out. But I LOVE all things containing yeast. Bread, cinnamon rolls ,sweet rolls. You get the picture.

I needed to conquer this.

So I did it. I opened the package mixed the ingredients like all knowing Susi told me to and IT WORKED. I didn't kill it. I had 2 loaves of the most delicious bread that you have ever had..

Aren't they beautiful? Of course we had seconds but only this time to celebrate me conquering my fear. Ya right who ever has only 1 piece of bread. Maybe somebody does but that is just stupid.

So now I am going to Costco to buy an economy size bag of Yeast and I am baking away. I might share my creations if I am begged enough

I might go have 1 more piece.....Don't judge me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Price of Mcdonalds Filet o' Fish...................................................................$2.59

Price of Co-pay to have Dr.
confirm food poisoning from
Mcdonalds Filet o'Fish        .................................................$30.00

The ability to hear Mr.T say
after being "Mom" for 5 days
"everytime I turn around somebody
wants something"           .....................................................Priceless

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello, I know you're in there!!!!


She can hear them playing......

She wishes they would open up and play........

"I promise I won't eat your toys" she pleads.

"can you help me here mom?"
I can't resist that look so I make them open up and play with her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Girls

When we were in California for Christmas we went and had Christmas pictures of the Girls taken. Also,we did some pictures for Girl#3's Birthday. I love them. The one on the previous post of Girl #3 naked is so dang cute.

This one was my ultimate favorite. This was the last picture to be taken and this baby was D.O.N.E. I got it in a 10x13 because I love it.

Do you see it?????? Red hair!!! I am crossing my fingers it stays.

My other girls 1st birthday picture they are both standing on their own. #3 is not standing alone yet so we had to come up with something to get her standing. I love her expression here she was happy.

This was suppose to be a Christmas picture but it didn't turn out that way. I now have our Valentines pictures all ready...and it wasn't even January. This one was my favorite.....

and this one was Mr.T's. Which do you like best????

Don't I have beautiful Daughters??????

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look who's 1

I can't believe she is one already. Where did it go?

I knew for a few years that we needed to have another baby......But it wasn't happening.  We tried for over 2 years. Mr.T kept telling me "we" were getting to old so I has said when I am 35 we will stop trying. So at 35 I started on birthcontrol pills. A few months later I had to stop taking them....and wouldn't you know 3 weeks later I was pregnant. Oh we were so happy and couldn't wait to find out what we were having. I was sure our luck had run out and we would have a boy and honestly I was ready for another boy. It had been years since our son died so I was ready. But to Mr.T's total delight we were having a girl. He LOVES having his girls.

Then the debate of the name started. Mr.T INSISTED we give her a President name. If you havent notice all my girls have President names, some actual realize it. sooooo the list of names was limited. I refuse to name a child Maddison (I know a horrible child named that) so we were left with Carter or McKinley. She was going to be Carter Lyn for a while Lyn being my sister in-law Jessica Lyn who actual had a baby the same day as said child. anyway......Lyn is also the middle name of Mr.T's ex-wife and I just couldn't get over that so then we had to use Jessica as a middle name. After much debate and me putting my foot down her name became Mckinley Jessica. (Many family members and friends didn't like it but they love it now) She fits her name perfectly.

#3 has been stubborn and willfull since conception. She wouldn't let the Dr. hear her heart. When I did stress tests later on she would not move and again we couldn't get her heart beat. She was a stinker. We set a date for the C-section. Dec 26th and she didn't agree, she wanted to be born Dec 25th and she had to beat her cousin Kannon by 30 minutes.(Who was born to Aunt Jessica) She has done everything on her time. Rolled over,crawled and ate when she was ready. She drives me crazy some times. But oh she is an amazing little girl.

She is happy and funny. She finds things so amusing and funny it makes me laugh. She is content with the simplist of things I could not ask for a sweeter,loving baby.

We really thought alot of how we would celebrate her birthday. I didn't want it to get pushed aside because of Christmasand . So we have decided to celebrate it a few days before so that it is completly seperate no combining b-day and Christmas presents. I also didn't want to ignore the fact that she has a special birthday being on Christmas so we decided that under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day she will have 1 b-day present wrapped in birthday paper. It is the 1st present that gets opened that morning.

3 days before Christmas we had a party for her. I made cupcakes and made her her own special one. I love how they turned out. (Though I will not make it a profession)

She was being so silly and kissing her cake it was so cute!!!!

                                       And of course the destroying of the cake.

Daddy thought it would be funny to push her face in to the cupcake.....So we have frosting boogers.

After a quick bath it was time for presents. She really wasn't that interested but she liked the Nativity Little People Grandma & Papa got her and trying to eat a bow.

We had a great time and can't wait to have many years of birthdays with her!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Post over load...

I have been on all morning posting about the last 2 months. So keep scrolling down.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Grand Canyon

What happenes when a child looses 3 teeth in 1 month?

Girl#1  lost her 1st tooth the beginning of1st grade. The 2nd one soon after.We were wondering if her other teeth would ever fall out.....Well they are popping out like crazy now. We keep telling her is she loses anymore we are going to have to put her on a liquid diet.

Is it mean that we are not incouraging smiling for pictures?  She will thank us later we hope.

Build me a house of candy.

Every Kindergarten class at my children's school has done gingerbread houses at Christmas. When girl#1 did it I only came on the day of decorating and helped her create a masterpiece. This year I did it all. My Mom and I spend  hours gluing Graham crackers to recycled milk cartons. It is a clever way to get the walls to stay up. So after squeezing the glue gun for hours we put together 110 gingerbread houses. Seriously I think I have arthritis in my pointer finger now.

So the next day my Mom took a break and Mr.T and I went to put frosting on these 110 gingerbread houses. Mixing water with powder sugar DOES NOT make thick enough frosting to have it not slide off the house. So after I intervened with the other helpers to add cream of tarter to the mixture of MILK and powdered sugar we were on a roll. I NEVER want to Frost a gingerbread house AGAIN. o.k. I am done complaining.

We ended up with tables full of houses and lots and lots of candy and frosting. Luckily they had the canned stuff for the kids to use to decorate.

The kids had a blast. Only a handful of parents came to help thier kids.  ( I am so thankful I don't have to work so that I may do all the activities with my girls) Many of #2's classmates were glad my Mom and I were there to see and help them. When you mix candy,frosting and 5 year olds things get pretty messy but they had a blast.

The end result plus a cheesy smile. The shadow is my hand I am not a professional.

***** The houses were not consumed after least by my child.

Is there something in my eye?

Yes,Pink eye.

Poor Girl#3 woke up one morning eyes glued shut. I took her to the Dr. and she had pink eye. Who knows where she picked it up and who she spread it to. After 2 Days of medicine she was much better.

and of course she is still ALL smiles!!!!

Fun in Kindergarten

Girl#2's class had some fun things going on in Nov and Dec.

Her class had a cute program about Thanksgiving. It was mainly singing songs and reciting poems. Here are a few pictures.

We figured out after the program the she had her hat on wrong. It kept sliding off.

It wouldn't be a program with out yummy snacks.....Next time I am bringing fruit. Alot of sugar was on this table.

Four eyes times two

I knew it was time for the girls to see the eye Dr. Also our co-pays were going to go up this year and I wanted to say a few bucks so I took them in. To my suprise both girls needed glasses.

A few months ago Girl#2 put on my glasses and said "mommy I can see" I laughed it off as her being silly. Come to find out her eyes are very similar to mine and she DID need glasses. She had learned to adjust and even passed the schools eye test. She now reads all the signs. After we picked up her new glasses she asked me what KFC spelled. How many times had we passed that and she never noticed they were actual letter. I feel like a horrible that I didn't catch it sooner. She loves her Barbie glasses and I never have to tell her to put them on. She loves to see the world.

Girl#1 just needs them for reading and watching T.V. but since they are High School Musical she wears them all the time.

She has 2 pairs because I went to costco for her's and paid a fraction of the price. After the insurance allotment we paid $150 for #2's 1 pair and only paid $22 for #1's 2 pairs. I am so glad the styles are so much better then when I was little.(If I hadn't destroyed the pictures of me in my horrible glasses I would insert it here)

Because both the girls needed glasses my eye Dr. suggested we check Girl#3's eyes. Her eyes are fine for her age. I am so happy could you imagine the struggle with keeping glasses on a 1 year old.

FHE and the Missionaries

We started being diligent in having Family Home Evening every Monday night. We got a little crafty. We had the missionaries over a few times to get our craft on. We had a great time. We made Santa Bellies.

Reindeer Cookies

Girl#3 enjoyed the Chocolate Chips

The "boys" had a contest making the cookies. They were very competetive. Mr.T won, he formed perfect antlers. MEN!!!

The Elders made some picture cubes to send home to thier Families.

The Santa Bellies we gave to the girls Teachers as gifts and of course they loved them. The cookies were yummy and fun to make.

We had a great time as a family. We have made it a Family goal to have FHE every week. We know it is important.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I think I will start where I left off. 

Thanksgiving was a first for us. We are always with Family or friends either at there house or ours. This year my Father couldn't get enough time off to make the 10 hour trip here and so we decided to meet in Bend,Or. We got a nice Hotel with all the amenities cold pool and all. Seriously it was freezing. The girls didn't mind but after girl # 3's lips were purple we removed her.

There was a benefit to being in a hotel....We had to go to a restaurant for dinner. There is 1 problem most restaurants are closed so there employees can be with family. Nice for them not so nice for displaced travelers. So we ventures out and found Black Bear diner they only thing open. Girl #1 had corn dogs very traditional. It was nice to have no prep and no clean up but I did miss those few dishes that seem to only be made at holiday. And there was not left overs. :(

I had had a huge list of Black Friday Shopping I was planning to do. We had a couple we were divide and conquering with, we were organized. I was planning to go with my Mom in Bend but I mentioned to Mr. T that maybe we should get a couple new T.V's cause they were on sale. Well he pounced on that and we ended up with a 50inch blah blah blah flat screen and a 37 inch blah blah blah flat screen for the bedroom. He was suppose to be done and back to the hotel by 5:30am so I could go. He didn't return till 10am so I got nothing on my list. All the big deals were gone.

The T.V's are nice but my Cricket for $188 would have been nice too but sadly, I will be waiting. Anyway, My mom came home with us from Bend so we had less room. We ended up coming home with double buckled kids. I prayed the whole way home we would not be in a car accident. I am very pro proper seat belted kids. We lived and didn't get a ticket.

So thanksgiving was spent with Family and we enjoyed ourselves. What more could you ask for? (except a Cricket)

Side note....Does anyone else not have a spell check option on blogger?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Know I Know

I will post soon I promise.......