Friday, November 20, 2009


I was going to blog about the Midnight Showing of New Moon but I am so tired I can't put two coherent thoughts together....Maybe after some sleep.

I will say...... I heart Jacob. Don't worry Mr.T knows and he is o.k with that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I see you

I see people visit my blog. I know you are here. Feedjit tells me when you arrive and when you leave. I am obsest yes it is sad. Pitiful really. Why do I care that very few leave comments? Do I say nothing comment worthy? Is there something wrong with the comment button? My mothers doesn't even leave comments.

To repeat what my father always says"Noody likes me everybody hates me I'm going to go eat some worms."

O.k. that was a guilt trip or a ploy for comments which ever works....I am pitiful aren't I?

*Note to Siami you rock the comment department :)

What happened to spell check? I need spell check!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Were on track now

So I went for Girl#3's 6 month check up. We are finally caught up with shots and all. I think my insurance company was going to run out of paper with all the reminders I was getting about her well checks. I will be on time from now on.

She is 30 inches and weights 20lbs which is amazing because she doesn't eat any food only formula. Hopefully she will start eating real food so we can ween her off the bottle in a month. She definitly does things on her time though.

She is finally crawling at 10 months. She is starting to try and pull her self up. Right now it is only in her crib but soon she will be a walker.

She has 2 teeth completly in and 6 more coming threw. We are thinking this is why she is waking up in the middle of thenight again. I miss my sleep.

If you ask her where her nose is she will point to my nose. She loves teeth no matter who is holding her if she sees them she will try to touch them. Maybe she will be a dentist.

She is a daddy's girl. The minute he walks in the door she starts yelling for him to come get her. All she want's is him till bed time.

She loves to read and play with the older girls doll house and dolls. She is girl through and through.

She is such a joy and she is the happiest and easiest baby ever. There are times when my heart hurts when I think we almost didn't have her. We thought we were done. I am so glad we weren't.

***I am patienly waiting to recieve more photos from the photo shoot my friend did I will post one of those on this post when I get them. (wink wink Mary)

Updated *****I got the photos and the first one was so worth the wait. Beautiful Mary.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

undo undo undo

In changing around my blog lay out I accidently deleted ALL my favorite recipe and couponing blogs. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weight limit

Just in case you were wondering if there was a weight limit on stepping on a baby gate?

Yes, it is 40lbs and 5 years old.

I just bought it yesterday.Grips

Friday, November 6, 2009

If you need me I will be in the Library

This is Girl#3 favorite place in the house. No matter where we set her down she will crawl to the bookcase. I find her "reading" books all the time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh ya 72

Ever since we got the Wii Girl #1 has been working on her Wii fit goal. She will occasionally tell me the number and honestly I don't listen. Well today I heard her say "Oh ya 72"(with proud attitude). Then 2 minutes later she said "yep I went up". I then realized she thought that her score was 72 and you should want to get it higher. When I told her it was her Wii fit age we laughed hysterically.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh you shot me

Today we went into the Dr. to flu shots for the girls. Girl #3 was the only one young enough for the Swine flu shot so she got 2. I thought I was getting the Flu shot so I told the girls I would get mine first to show them that if you are calm then it doesn't hurt. When we got there I was told they were out of adult shots so the girls were on there own.

As soon as we got to the room Girl#2 started complaining and I knew we were in for it. When it was her turn she started to freak out. I swear her eyes were going to pop out of her head she was screaming so hard. She was pleading with me. I knew that if she calmed down it would not be as bad. I could not console her so I just grabbed her and held her tight. I got her to stop screaming and take a breath right before the shot came and then she looked at me and I asked her if it hurt and she said"no" She didn't even feel it.

After the band aide was applied she was fine. As we left a few of the workers said"oh we heard the baby screaming" I could only laugh and say it was not her but her #2. She then started to get some "sympathy" from other people. They were amused by her dramatics. The nurse asked her if she needed an ice pack and of course that was needed. I am not sure if the arm will have to be removed from all her pain. haha

(Please ignore the big shadow on the side. I am learning my new camera. I may have to "recreate" this picture again)

Girl #1 didn't even flinch and #3 was fine after she got the Binky. I may have to go cuddle the poor little girl with the "hurt" arm. She is so dramatic.

Monday, November 2, 2009

2 Princesses & A Fairy

Between school parties, friend parties and Trick or Treating we had alot of dressing up. My original plan was for the girls to be the 3 little pigs but that was veto's by Snow White wannabes. SO I then decided to make Girls #3 an apple to go with the Snow White theme. Well I am not a sewer so my attempt was horrible. So we switched to 2 Snow Whites and a very cute pink Fairy. I think they turned out adorable.

Our Pretty Fairy on her first Halloween. There was a flower headband that went with this outfit but she wouldn't keep it on.

The girls had party's at school but in my rush to be out the door at 7:30 that morning (we had to run to the store for last minute tiara's) I forgot the camera.
That night we had a Party at some friends house it was fun. Here are the hosts. They dressed as the Adams family.... Their last name is also Adams.

We had yummy food this was my favorite!!!

After seeing the faces of a few brave enough to try this I decided to skip the brains and went for the brownies....It was safer!!!

For Halloween Night we went to some friends house who have a very friendly Trick or Treat neighborhood. The kids went with the Dad's and girl#3 and I stayed with Stacey and her daughter Victoria who is a few months younger then #3. It was to cold to have them out. We handed out candy to many "older"kids who really needed to be home. Anyway when the kids and Dads got back they were pooped so they settled down for a movie and some dry cereal.Try to undo the candy high.

This is how we found Girl #1 and Dominic (9) we were very amused by the huge space between them.(We hope that will continue for at least 15 years :))

We had a great Halloween. I vow next time I will be more prepared so I am not a mad women the morning of school parties. We will see. We hope you all had a great holiday.