Sunday, August 30, 2009


While down in California my brother,his wife and there son Kannon who was born the same day as Girl#3 also came from Texas. It was fun to see them especially the cousin twins as we call them..... We went and had some pictures taken....They are so cute!!! Enjoy

***There are 4 other boy cousins missing from this picture :((You will notice this is the same picture as on my header just altered. Did my header picture look off to anyone, I really wasn't sure.)

We really could not resist. They will love us when they are 12!!!! What is interesting is how much smaller my little girl is.

Oh I love this picture...

and this one is so sweet.....I think she looks like Girl#1 in this picture.

She will be even more unhappy with me...oh well it will be worth it.

Catching up

I am home and have been for a week. I have thought many times I need to Blog but then...I don't. I always think I need to have some clever title or say cool things but honestly that happens not very often. I realize I need to just record things that go on because this is my only Journaling I do cause I am lazy like that. So even thought things may not be that interesting to anyone that reads this blog one day my children will appreciate that I can remember various events.

I have a friend name Brandi..our husband's went to college together we only met once in Oregon and it really was in passing. 3 years later Mr.T tells me that they have moved here and Wayne is working with Mr T. He then says we should get together....that is usually where it ends. I am not one that can make easy conversation I tend to be more comfortable in bigger groups so the thought of inviting a perfect stranger to my house was not appealing. Well one day about 7 months later I ran into Brandi and Wayne at Wal-mart of all places. We striked up conversation and said "oh ya we should get together" ...ya right like that will happen. People say that to us all the time but rarely do they follow through. Well they did. After the first dinner we were hooked, Brandi and I hit if off instantly. I have rarely had such easy conversation with anyone...the last time was my friend Natalie who left me and moved to Alaska...anyway.

Long story that needs to get shorter I know.... B&W didn't have a church they went to and of course I invited them to ours but they declined. They eventually found a church that fit them and they were very active. Our families did many things together and most every weekend we did something together. Again 3 years later after each of us going to various activities as each of our churches Brandi started questioning the purpose of life and what her beliefs were. She hadn't even mentioned it to me. Now she Say's she didn't because she knew I would tell her to check out my girl.

It just so happens we invited her to dinner when we had the missionaries over for dinner. This has happened many time and it has been polite and we move on..Well not this night. Heavenly Father answered her prayers. For the next few weeks she read and learned and continued to receive those answers. Though it was a struggle with how to tell her husband, family and friends she decided to be Baptized. So on Aug 8 she was Baptized by Mr.T. It was an amazing experience one that I will always remember. Being a member all my life I took things for granted. Brandi has shown me what a blessing I have had in my life and to cherish it.
Thank-you Brandi I love ya.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So many things have gone on that I would love to blog about but since I am at my Parents house in California and they still have dial-up my posts will have to wait.It takes me 5 miniuts to sign on then 5 more minutes to pull up email. If they could get it at there house in the country I would be secretly signing them up. So I guess the 3 people that check my blog will have to wait a couple weeks to find out what fabulous things have been going on!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Easton Williams

I was just on my face book Yes I did it I have been Face booking....anyway....The Williams family has announced the arrival of there new baby boy yeasterday......He came the day before his scheduled c-section ( sound familiar)

They named him Easton and he is 19' and 8 lb 3oz. He is very cute...

I am so happy for you Destiny you are a wonderful mom and you are truely blessed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh shots!!!

So Girl#3 is 7 months old so I was a little late for her 6 months check up. That appointment was this morning. Well when I got there the nurse informed me that I had actually also missed her 4 month check up so today she needs her 4 month shots then we go back for her 6 months shots in 2 months. I am such a good mommy.

She had to get 2 shots and after the first one she smiled at the nurse......but not after the second she was not amused.

Here are her stats:::::
16.11 lbs
27 inches long
I am not sure what the percentiles are but she is a petite one....She looks good

Monday, August 3, 2009


Girl#2 says to Girl#1 this morning "I love you as much as Jesus"

These moments are few and far between but went they happen it melts my heart!!!