Sunday, May 31, 2009

She's Back

Girl# 3 is by far my happiest and easiest baby and I have had easy babies. The last week has been a hard one for my sweet girl.With an ear infection, teething and new medicine for pooping she has been a little out of sorts. I decided to keep her home from church today because she was getting into these screaming fits and that just didn"t need to happen at church.....I am glad I did

She slept all day making up for the lack of sleep WE have been getting. Her last nap she woke up smiling so I knew she was back.

We even enjoyed dinner outside tonight. I forgot how awful it is for baby's to be sick and not be able to comfort them. I am just so glad we are blessed with antibiotics.....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ears and Bums

Girl #3 has seen the E.R and our Family Dr. more in her short 5 month life then Girl 1&2 combined. At 3 weeks after switching to formula because as Girl #2 announce to all of Target "my boobs don't work" she had her first E.R visit with a Bowel impaction (HORRIBLE) That was the beginning of our Pooping issues 4 days later we headed there again this time after we checked in we realized it was the same thing and we could save ourselves $75 and probe her ourselves(aka enema). Being a "cautious" mother I met with our Dr. many times to be told "give it time she will be pooping by 5 months." Well I PATIENTLY (ya right)till she turned 5 months and still hours of a screaming baby because her body wouldn't expel the crap. haha. So today I take her in and tell DR.K it's 5 months next step is.... Karo syrup Now at this point I am slightly annoyed because......I asked him that 3 months ago. I love Dr.K and do trust his judgement but I want answers and I am tired of waiting. He says he thinks it won't help so in 2 weeks we will get a referral to a specialist. So I DEMANDED no not really just ask that we schedule it now and I will cancel IF it works. SO finally I have a plan.

Lately Girl# 3 has been a little fussy, normally a very happy and smiley baby she is whiny and sad. Normally I can lay her down for bed and I never hear a peep. Lately she is fussing and can't seem to sleep good. Over the weekend I notice she was moving her hand to her left ear.I asked my mom who was visiting if it could be an ear infection and she said well she shows no signs so probably not. Well last night after dealing with a miserable baby she woke up with a runny nose and slight fever. So I had the Dr. check her ear...she has a horrible ear infection. They could not believe she hadn't been screaming for days. I said she was just a little whiny nothing to horrible. So apparently Girl#3 has a high tolerance of pain. Between girl #1&2 we have only had 1 infection. I have had friends who's kids constantly have them so we are pretty lucky.

I hate it when baby's are sick they can't tell you what hurts or how to help them. I just cry right along with them....

Another note we tried cereal with girl#3 .......

I don't think is was a hit!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flip Flops Oh My

I love old Navy Flip Flops at 2/$5 they are so cheap.......Saturday only they are $1 each I will be there when they open....Happy Flip Flopping

Just for fun!

What is your score....Take the test then leave your score on my comments.....


As a 1930s wife, I am

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams

And then I check on them before I go to bed.........

and I am glad Calgon left me right here.

One of those days!!!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures in Irrigation

When we bought our house 4 years ago one of the things we disliked...hate is an ugly word in our house so I will use dislike but really I mean HATE...was the back yard. But along with all the other things we disliked we bought it anyway. We planned out how we would fix it. Bring in a Bazillion loads of dirt to level it,put in a new fence and maybe a streaming pond. So what did we do...... we let it all die. So for 3 summers we have had weeds and patches. A few months ago Girls 1 & 2 were playing outside on the concrete and deck part of our yard. I then saw girl 2 frolicking on our "yard" I felt like a white trash mom that lives in Kansas in a trailer surrounded by weed patches for grass with a dog named Rusty tied to a chain. No offense to a mom living in Kansas in a weed patch with a dog names Rusty. I realized then this would be the year we FIX our weed patch. So we saved up....o.k. as stated in the previous post Mr.T saved up and we actually are fixing our weed patch.

This weekend we began. Our friend Kevin came over to help. He and Mr.T being Engineers then had the schematics and over my head stuff figured out. So as they start up the monster truck size trencher I notice something odd......Mr. T is going UP HILL He is pulling the monster up our inclined yard...Hello...What engineers have in smarts they lack in common sense :)

Side note Mr.T is wearing his work clothes from 140 lbs ago I am surprised the pants stayed up!!!!

What was Mr.T's helper doing? Why hadn't he noticed Mr.T was struggling to get up the hill??????

He was on the phone..... Good helper.(Later he was arm deep in mud and gunk.) So after the phone call and I suggested he work his way down rather then up they were moving right along...

UNTIL.......We thought we were the new Clampets and had struck oil...o.k. it was only the MAIN irrigation line. So as Mr.T was running o.k. walking fast turning off every valve in our neighborhood....I ran o.k. drove to the Irrigation pres house to have him shut it off. So now our whole road is out off water.

The men decided to wait till tomorrow to fix the line so they thought they would just continue and get it trenched guessed it they hit OUR irrigation line. Since all the water was shut off we had no thoughts of striking oil just another line to fix. They decided it was time to call it quits and they ran out of pipe to break.

The next day Mr.T and his helper, girl #2 fixed all the pipe and water is restored to the land.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My road to frugality

After 11 1/2 years I have called it quits. At the beginning of our marriage I took over the finances and well.....did a horrible job! Really Really horrible job. I recently admitted to Mr. T (I am wanting to come up with a code name for my hubby so be patient as I try some out.If one pops out at you let me know and I might keep it) that I had not been honest in how things were going so I surrendered. After admitting it the relief and weight was released I had been so stressed it overflowed to my family. Mr T took it on and has figured it out.....The bad part....I AM ON A BUDGET. I have always had a "budget" on paper but never lived it. Well now that I am accountable I HAVE TO follow it. He has itemized how much I should spend on certain things,food,diapers,formula and misc. He is delusional on how much I should spend and how much it will actually cost. But I am giving it a chance. Then I will tell him I was right he was wrong but until then I am trying every way known to man to save a penny.

I have spent many late nights searching blogs on bargains and coupon clipping and have learned a ton. It can actually be done. Living on next to nothing... Don't tell Mr.T. There is so many tricks to getting things for a fraction of the price. There is one blog where these women got like 20 boxes of Velveeta cheese shells for like $2. I personally think that is a little psychotic to have that many but to each his own. Today I made my first amazing purchase. It 's not 20 boxes of shells but I was amazed at what can be done........

This bottle of Salad Dressing cost me $.17...Can you believe it?????????????? I know it is not what the others have done but it is a start. My goal is to spend less so I can still "play" without Mr.T getting to into my face about $$$$$$$ It is said that you can feed your family on $50 a week so as long as we eat Salad dressing Morning Noon and Night I think I can accomplish that. Seriously I am excited about learning how to spend less on food and such. Mr.T says by March of 2010 we will be debt free and able to start planning for building our dream if I have to clip coupons and watch for sales I guess it will be worth it in the end. I will try not to complain to much until "the end" gets here. To him anyway.

Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Kids

The past few days I have had a preview to what life will be like in the future. We have had A&A for the past few days because both parents have been out of town for business.So I have had 5 kids ages 9,6,5,5&4 months. I personally will not have 5 kids but it is close enough to 4 to give me a preview. The noise level in my house was at a level I had forgotten since my days with my siblings. I thought my windows were going to shatter. No matter how many times I told them to quiet down they just got louder. Then they woke up the baby and that was it.....OUTSIDE (now I know why my Mom kicked us 5 kids outside)

I thought Girl 1&2 add 2 more in and it goes to another level. I felt like a referee the whole time. Again Outside came to play and them shut the back door and its like it's not happening!

The smallest task takes even longer...2 sinks 4 kids double brushing time. When we got ready to leave it was like herding cattle. Just the potty stop before we left...oh my...then the fights over who sat where..JUST SIT ALREADY.I normally do a load of dishes every other day but I had to do it once a day. I realize now why my Mom did the dishwasher dance when we got one. I HATE washing dishes by had I LOVE dishwasher.

So A&A are off to school and there Dad will be home today so I am left with double the towels and double the mess...Does it change my decision to have 1 more?????????NO WAY...A home is not a home if it's not full of crazy and kids...Bring it on...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Apparently Girl #1 had an appointment with "Ralph the Night Hairdresser"...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

She married at 19 (by today's standards that is so young) By 21 she had a daughter (me) by 32 she had 5 children. My father was in the military and would be gone for months at a time. She did it all. The house, the kids, church callings. All by herself. I can't imagine taking 5 kids to church by my self but she did it weekly. There are times when Travis is out of town and I am a wreck when he comes home or he works insane hours of over time and I feel I never get a break. My mom did this for 9 months at a time.

She stayed home with us so we always knew we could call her from school. We were her priority. She instilled in me this importance so that I am doing the same. She has found joy in motherhood. When I had my boy and he didn't survive she knew when to talk,when to listen or when to say nothing at all. With girls 1,2&3 she took time off from work to come take care of me and the family. With girl 3 she even woke up every 3 hours to feed her while I pumped. She was by my side the whole way. She is an amazing Grandma who loves and spoils my Girls.

My mom has taught me to be strong,independent and kind. Even though I have a hard time expressing it I love her so much and am blessed she is my Mom.

I love you Mom,Happy Mothers Day

My Mom with girl 3

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers Day To Me!!!!!!

On a typical Mothers Day Eve my lovely husband (with all the Dad's in Yakima)is scrambling the kids to go get stuff for mothers day. I usually end up with nice things but nothing I would pick. But this year he blew it out of the park!!!

I have a Friend who has inspired me to take pictures. I notice I am lacking on pictures of girl 2 so I am trying to be better with girl 3. I have a decent camera but the pictures that My friend takes makes me envious. I haven't found a Photography place here that I really like. Except the one I can't afford. I recently ventured to Sears and got o.k. pictures but I wasn't in love with them. I felt obligated to buy so I wouldn't have wasted their time. So I have been wanting a new Camera. I have been dropping hints ( o.k. not hints actual"I WANT A CAMERA" to my hubby. I have called him every time I find a great deal on one at Costco.....Complained about the pictures my camera made. Really I was obnoxious.

Well it paid off cause this is what I got today(I know it's early but Travis is like a kid can't wait till the day so I got it early

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

This is a typical picture I would get from my old camera.......

I took this picture immediately following so nothing changed but the camera.......

I think this might be a preview of 10 years from now....

The difference is unbelievable I am snapping pictures of everything. Be prepared for tons of pictures on my blog.... This is by far the best Mothers Day Ever........

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Why don't you wear these MOM"

Today I am going threw drawers and bins that haven't seen the light of days for YEARS. I left the room for a few minutes and Kennedy came out to show me what she wants to keep. And she asked me why I don't wear these dresses.....She found my first married"pajamas". At least there seeing some action ; 0 )

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC chicken

Here is a link to Oprah who has a link to kfc for a coupon for a free 2 piece unfried chicken,2 sides and a bisquit. You can print the coupon 4 times on one computer but each person can use a coupon..... We will be there tomorrow night maybe we will see you there.

Where is your trash can!!!!

Today is VERY windy. I was just driving home and was dodging trash cans all the way (it is trash day).. 2 blocks from my house I saw one of my trash cans rolling down the hill. When I got home my neighbors can was in my yard. My other neighbor was hiking up the street with his 2 cans. I think my other can is in Union Gap. I just find this funny and think we should have trash can exchange block party.....I think I need a hobby because the fact that wondering trash cans amuse me is a little sad.....

I think I am addicted to my live traffic feed on my blog. I was thinking nobody was stalking,I mean viewing (stalking is what I do....hehehe) my blog because I rarely am left comments so now that i see I do have viewers. Again I need a hobby....

On a funny not Kennedy is wearing flip flops and I look in my rear view mirror and find her chewing on her toes I tell her to stop that is gross and she informs me "tastes like chicken mom"..... man I love her.

This is Kennedy at 20 months....Yes those flowers are elmers glued on.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our weekend

This weekend was full of different things......

First my favorite which is going to seem very odd to many o.k. probably all. We took a HUGE load to the dump. I love seeing all the crap leave my house. My mother thinks I am a little crazy but it cleanses me. It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate. Between the dump and good will we are continually getting rid of stuff. I have been feeling suffocated so it feels wonderful. I am hoping for another run next weekend. Spring brings out the cleaner in me.

Travis bought me a Royal Tote. They are beautiful bags that I have wanted for a while. You should look and buy her jana sent you ; )

Friday night our Best Friends went out of town so we had A & A over night. We packed a picnic and headed to the park the kids played and we flew kites.

We have 2 down 1 to go. On Saturday while I was at a friends birthday lunch my husband was watching 8 kids (AT ONE TIME). When I got back to my friends house Raegan was very flush and laying on the couch and I thought "uh oh" Thank-fully she waited till we got home to Vomit because it wasn't pretty. Again Travis saved the day because I can handle many types of "messes" but throw up isn't one of them. So Now we are going to have to wait for it to hit Kennedy. How fun

Luckily the sickness doesn't last very long and by late morning Sunday (Of course after Stake conference was over) she felt much better. We had been planning to get together with some new friends we have made so we went to there house for a BBQ. The kids had so much fun. Because they have a usable yard( ours is covered with weeds and dirt.....till next weekend yaaaaaaaaaaaa)The kids enjoyed their swing set and walking barefoot on the grass.They live in a wonderful FLAT neighborhood so we went for a family walk. That finally convinced Travis we need to move!!!!!!!!!Now that was a great day.

Now the week has begun and life continues. I love the weekends. Why can't I be rich to have a maid so I can play with my family all the time.....oh well I love my live........ laundry and all....