Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do you teach fashion sense to a 5 year old....

You can't......She says she is FABULOUS!!!

No I did not let her wear this to the store.....Would you?????

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

o.k. he's not so bad

I just went to go to bed and found my love had turned down my covers, cleared and put away the things on the bed I hadn't gotten to(rather then piling them on the floor) filled my C-pap machine with water and switched a load of laundry & saved my place in my book I was reading. I guess I'll keep him!!!


If you are one of those that don't like wives venting or being sarcastic about there husband then click the small X and leave this blog because this is one of those.

So after a night in the E.R. Travis decided to stay home to "help" me take care of the sick girls and the house. Well......this morning Travis told me to go back to sleep and he would get up and take care of the girls. Well as I laid there I thought of all the things I needed to get done.(my house was a little messy)So I got up and what did I find... My husband had fixed breakfast... pretzels and pop sickles. I am not kidding. Then he wonders why in 1 hour they get hungry for FOOD. So I made them eat real food so he thought since I was awake he could go back to bed. So he took Mckinley with him cause "he needed to make sure she didn't throw up again". So I then cleaned the whole house bathed 3 girls and myself did 2 loads of laundry and took out the garbage. All the while he is resting from his awful night. When he wakes up he claims "oh hunny I was gonna get all that when I woke up" I "talked loudly"and said "after 11 years of marriage you know I am not going to wait till later"

So after dinner which was leftovers he was sitting at the computer taking care of Mckinley...

He has the one that can't move on her own but the moveable ones are running crazy while I finish cleaning the kitchen and he says "I did the dishes" it was ONLY the platter that dinner was in.....Many might be saying "why are you letting him get away with this.... well
I am trying to not nag or complain to him... hence my blog..

Well I feel better and now I am going to go crawl in to bed and read a my book.I'm pooped.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A night in the ER

So today was a usual day. Cleaned up ran some errands. I put McKinley down for a nap and then heard weird sounds from the monitor. Went to check on her and found her and her bed covered in formula. We had recently switched to soy to try to help with the pooping issues so I figured it was that. So I go her up and was getting ready to give her a bath when she threw up and continued every 15 minutes for an hour. We took her to the after care at out Dr's office ($15-copay) and they told us to immediately take her to the hospital($75 -copay). Well, we immediately went there to then sit in the waiting room with every sick person in Yakima, thinking they had the swine flu, for 3 hours. All the while McKinley is still getting sick every 15 min. I was about to stand up and scream that my 4 month old baby was more important then anyone else so they should take her first when they called us back. " saving Travis from embarrassment. By this time her color was coming back she gave us a half smile and was no longer listless. We saw the doctor for 5 min who said "try pedialite and if she keeps it down follow up with her doctor tomorrow."(now if she didn't keep it down they would of done an I.V.)

So now I feel like an silly first time mom who runs tot he DR every time her child is sick. But when the nurse says go IMMEDIATELY you go. I don't think it was and emergency. Well now I know.

So on the way home Kennedy says "Mommy my tummy hurts" ....on to the next one.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Mr.Yuk AGAIN!!!!

Today as I took Kennedy into her class I notice the awful green stickers looming on a table. I said "OH NO NOT MR.YUK." You are probably thinking "why would you not love these stickers that warn young and old of impending poison if swallowed". Well I shall tell you. 3 Years ago when Raegan was at the same pre-school in the same class she came home with Mr.Yuk stickers. This must be a Washington think because I had never heard of these. Well Raegan came home and proceeded to label everything with Mr Yuk stickers. The walls,mirrors,T.v. her sister you get the idea. I still on occasion am finding these stickers and trying to REMOVE them from nonhazardous things.

So as I am grumbling over these to Mrs. Koday I am devising a plan to steal Kennedys stickers and "Dispose of them properly". When I pick her up she of course has them and keeps saying " I only put them on dangerous things mom" So I start listing the things not to put them on and she stops me as says sternly"I only put them on yucky things I know"
Good job teachers for stressing what not to put them on. We get home and she doesn't even take them into the house. Being that this is Kennedy I thought she would be worse then Raegan but no she could care less. I am saved from Mr.Yuk.... At least for 4 years till Mckinley is introduced to Mr.Yuk.....Yuk

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I can relate

I saw this picture and thought "this was me yesterday with a bag of chocolate covered peanuts from Target"

To cute

Monday, April 20, 2009

just to make you smile!!

I couldn't figure outhow to show this link on my blog so Please copy and paste this, This has set my day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am Women!!!

Travis has been working overtime latetly so my usual 3 days of help has been gone(he works 4 days for 10 hours a day) so I have come to realize how much xtra that I have been putting on him.O.K. I have been milking my "maturnity leave" I have decieded I need to get off my sorry butt and DO MY JOB. I have cooked dinner everynight this week including girls night out. I have done every piece of laundry from start to finish. And I have kept my house clean ALL BY MYSELF. But what impressed me the most is I got 3 children dressed hair done out the door on time 5 minutes early to church all by my self and my house didn't look like elves had a huge party. I guess the talks today should of been on boasting and being prideful. Anyway I am proud of my self.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Raegan my little photographer

Since having Mckinley I realize how lacking my picture taking was of Kennedy. So I have been snapping many pictures of Mckinley and sisters. That has grabbed Raegan interest in photography. I thought I would give some samples.

I think was easy for her first "client"

This is a picture of Travis and his friends "Playing with there planes"

Now this is talent.....Self photography

And this is my all time favorite. Well you will see why....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Keeping secrets!!!

I have this secret that only I know of someone. I was suppose to be called and given vital information to keep my silence 4 days ago. I am growing weary of this secret and want to reveal it to all......But unfortunately or fortunately for ???? (you know who you are) my loyal friendship part in me prevents me from spilling the beans. Why can't I be a gossiper like the Desperate House Wife I am. Well ???? your lucky I'm the one that found out : )

Raegan is the photographer....

Monday, April 13, 2009

My little love

For so many years we tried to have another baby after Kennedy nothing happened. I kept feeling there was a baby up in heaven. The surprise of her comming was so wonderful but the pregnancy did me in. She has been my hardest with colic from 7pm-10pm everynight the runs to the E.R. because of her non pooping issues. Her not wanting to open her mouth either to nurse or bottle feed the frustration has been great. But the moments when she knows I am around and only wants me or the big huge smiles I get and how she will talk for 10 minutes only to me Make every ache and pain worth it for this.......


If any one know my Kennedy they know of her 2 loves. Lipstick and Gum. I can use either of these things to bribed her to do ANYTHING. Well after a bribe I usually keep the gum up where she can't get it. Well I learned what happens if I don't.

Kennedy started saying her tummy hurt and her gum made her sick. Not even looking at her or the gum I told her to throw it out. A few minutes later she has a bowl and says she is going to throw up. Luckily she does (have a bowl)because she throws up!! I asked her how a piece of gum made her sick she told me she had to much. She then shows me "the wad"

I don't think I will have to put the gum up anymore. She claims" I will never chew more than 1 piece"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Attack of the Swim Babies!!!

We have 3 bathrooms in our house but because we only use one level and it only has 1 bathroom on this level we share. So maybe you will or will not feel my pain. When my girls take baths we have to dump all the bath toys out in the tub. If I give them a bath I make them put them all back in the basket. This doesn't happen when my "old man" (just kidding I hate when people refer to their spouses that way but he just turned 40 so it is appropriate) bathes the kids. So I go to take a shower and was in a hurry so I didn't pick up the toys. As I start washing my hair I hear a weird noise and feel something touch my leg. My first thought"there is a snake in my tub" then I realize no. Who would of thought that when you put water and swim babies together they SWIM? not I. So these 2 babies are doing the back stroke.

I can't figure out how to stop them and of course this would be the one day that my children decide to let mom shower alone. Most days even if I sneak in the shower they hear it turn on and then I hear"Mom I'm hungry can you get me a pickle" or " mom can you start the movie" or " Mom I stink I need to take a shower too (Kennedy)" but today not a peep. I yell to get help with these spastic dolls flailing all over the tub but no one hears me. Kennedy is actually playing quietly in her room WITH the door shut. And Raegan is kareoke in the living room. So I continue on with the babies. As I turn off the water Kennedy appears"Whats that noise Mom?"
" The babies I can't get them to stop" She picks them up then throw's them down and says "see they stop" and they stopped. Why didn't I try that.