Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Kennedy

So I have a 5 year old named Kennedy aka Kanoodle. A few friends said I could blog just about her well yesterday she proved them right. Kennedy has a few traits that I just always say thats kennedy. They make me laugh and smile. Now that she is 5 and going to start school in the Fall I realize I need to start working on them with her. When ever we are cleaning up at home or she hears me start asking for the girls to do something she always seems to have to go potty. Her preschool teachers even mentioned this in her evaluation. So as usaual yesturday we couldn't find Kennedy. Because I am "following through" I went to get her. I open the bathroom door and what do I see......Kennedy sitting in the sink talking into the mirror. "Kennedy who are you talking too" I ask. Her reply pretend crying I might add" my boyfriend and he won't sit by me and kiss me" I said " Where is your boyfriend?" "In the mirror" and she continued to argue with "him" about why he wouldn't kiss her. ouyvay. Then she came out of the bathroom and started kissing her jacket!!! I told you she is crazy. Should I be worried?????

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What am I doing?

So I have a friend who blogs amazingly. So as I am doing mine I am thinking "oh I hope Mary doesn't read mine! "So be patient as I fingure out what the heck I am doing. As I layed in bed last night I had all these clever things to say but they are gone. Sooo maybe later???